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There are many different ways to achieve health. At Optimum Vitality we focus on the nutritional as well as the emotional/energetic side. Nutrition is our foundation. Without a properly fed body, the nervous system cannot signal accordingly, thus inhibiting the body to repair in an efficient manner.

Our nutrition program is founded on the following principles:

  • Only the body has the ability to heal itself
  • Certain factors or stressors can inhibit & delay healing
  • Disease is a perfectly orchestrated response of the body adapting for survival in the face of malnourishment

“Disease is not the presence of something evil,
but rather the lack of the presence of something essential.”

Disease doesn’t just happen. There is always an underlying cause and our job to figure out what that cause is.


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The 10 Health Stressors

Welcome to Optimum Vitality

When you arrive for your first visit, we’ll take ample amount of time to accurately record your health history. Although symptoms vary and are only a subjective measure of health, it’s important we hear how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing. We’ll then take any corresponding anthropometric measurements.

Next, we’ll run a heart-rate variability test in order to get an objective analysis of your heart, nervous system function and cellular health. This is a simple test in which you wear a heart rate monitor for approximately eight minutes: Lying down for four minutes, then standing up for four minutes. The heart rate monitor will transmit the signals to a computer program which analyzes a multitude of factors in regards to cellular function. This is an important aspect of evaluation at our clinic. It will be preformed every 6-12 visits as it is a way for us to depict meaningful physiological changes within the body as your program progresses.

After the heart-rate variability (HRV) assessment, we’ll begin the muscle testing, also referred to as applied kinesiology. We use specific muscle testing for its accuracy and individuality. Two people can present with the same symptoms yet their body’s will need a different program in order to heal. Muscle testing allows us to determine this.

In our evaluation, we’ll first assess the nervous system: Is it communicating properly? If not, what external stressor is affecting it? We’ll determine which environmental stressor or toxicity is overriding the body as well as the foods/herbs are needed to remove it from the body.

We’ll then test the rest of the organs & corresponding acupuncture points. Often times, one or more organ systems is underperforming and simply needs to be nourished. However, just as often, an environmental toxicity or external stressor is causing the organ to act in such a way. This is why it is incredibly important to locate the underlying cause of dis-ease and dysfunction.

How we heal the body is by using whole food supplements and herbs. Before you depart from your first visit, you will be given a healing program specific for you. As your body heals, we will change your program as needed. Slowly we incorporate changes to the diet in order to create a program that encompasses physiological, mental and emotional healing modalities.

The nutritional evaluation we use at the clinic is unique: The foundations were pioneered many years ago by some of the first chiropractors, nutritionists and endocrinologists such as Dr. Henry Harrower, M.D., Dr. George Goodheart, D.C, and Dr. Royal Lee, D.D.S. The system was expanded upon and refined by Dr. Teff and most recently his daughter, Vanessa. What makes Optimum Vitality different than any other clinic is that we’re continually researching, learning and developing more advanced and further streamlined techniques. Unfortunately, our world is not yet becoming a healthier and more sustainable place. Therefore, we cannot rely on the little we have identified in regards to the human body. It’s important that we never stop learning or expanding our knowledge.

We look forward to taking care of your health!