Meet Vanessa


Vanessa is the daughter of Dr. Joseph and Marguerite Teff. She was raised in a household that valued nutrition, chiropractic care and mindfulness techniques. Her passion for nutrition was ignited in high school when she noticed the drastic positive effects nutritional therapy could have on one’s sports performance.

With the help of Standard Process whole food supplements, chiropractic care, massage and visual imagery, Vanessa made the Junior National Rowing Team competing in the CANAMEX Regatta in Mexico and the Junior World Championships in Banyoles, Spain.

As one of the top recruited rowers in the nation, she earned an athletic scholarship to UCLA. At UCLA she was named All-American three consecutive years, named Most Valuable Oarswoman by her teammates two consecutive years and served as team captain during her last two years. It was at UCLA that her passion for nutrition and healing engulfed her. Proper nutrition was the only way to effectively fuel the body and increase recovery time. This she used to her advantage in order to break the school 2K record during her sophomore year. Vanessa began studying with her father during college. On her free weekends she would travel to whichever city he was speaking in to help present his nutritional lectures.

After graduating college Vanessa moved back to Middleton to intensely study under Dr. Teff. She sought to learn it all: How he evaluated a person (biomechanically and nutritionally), how to find the main stressors and how to effectively create an environment for healing. In order to learn more about whole food & nutritional therapy, she began working for Standard Process consulting with healthcare practitioners around the state helping them to integrate nutrition into their care. During this time she had the profound opportunity to learn from the top nutritionists and herbalists in the field. She takes that knowledge and seeks to pass it on to the practitioners she continues to consult with and the clients she sees daily.

Alternative and Holistic Practitioner Middleton WI Vanessa Teff

It’s her belief that we cannot change the healthcare of our nation without first starting to change the landscape in our own communities. In 2014, Vanessa finished her 200-hour training to become a registered yoga instructor. She offers group yoga classes at Martingilio Martial Arts as well as individual & small group lessons at the clinic. Vanessa is a registered yoga instructor, certified chiropractic technician, certified in cold laser therapy and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Nutrition. Vanessa has a deep passion for helping others feel better & perform better – physically, emotionally and mentally. She is incredibly grateful for having been exposed to such healing from a young age and only seeks to pass it on. She works with all types of people, conditions and issues but works extensively with digestive issues, female hormones, anxiety & trauma, injury recall, and closed head injuries.