If you were to remove everything from the human body except for the nervous system, you would still be able to determine the shape in front of you as the nervous system is so dense. This couldn’t happen if you removed everything but the organs; it would simply look like a cluster of shapes levitating in thin air. The density of the nervous system is important as eighty percent (80%) of the sympathetic nervous system runs through the skin. The skin is our largest organ. When there’s a physical cut to the skin, the cells and tissue criss-cross in order to create a stronger, more stable surface. This can cause direct nerve interference. If the energy is not flowing properly through the nervous system, the cells cannot communicate properly. This interference can create increased cellular aging, dysfunction with one or more organ systems, or miscommunication between organs and glands. Interestingly enough, we find that scars are the underlying cause of multiple food sensitivities, environmental “allergies” and incomplete nerve signaling. Physical scars on the body closest to the main meridian tend to have more of a detrimental effect on the body.