There are multiple types of radiation. Radiation emitted by electrical devices we refer to as Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Radiation toxicity pouring out from an inactive nuclear reactor is what we’re referring to here.

In March 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant experienced a rapid unscheduled shutdown. For many of us, this is old news, something that happened years ago. You’re correct in that the media coverage has certainly stopped. However, the ill effects are far from over. The head of Japan’s Nuclear Regulations Authority stated that contaminated water has been leaking into the Pacific since the tsunami hit the power plant in 2011. Scientists estimate that contaminated seawater began reaching the Western Coast of the United States in 2014. Conveniently, at this time all nuclear detectors in California and throughout the West Coast were down for maintenance. California is our nation’s breadbasket. If food and water are in any way contaminated, it will affect the whole United States. Interestingly enough, Air Monitoring Stations on Vancover Island were working and picked up Radioactive Iodine 131 at levels 300 times higher than normal background following the meltdown. With such fallout, there are at least 200 radioactive substances we could come in contact with. Fish, seals, and whales are showing up dead on the West Coast by the thousands. If this information sounds like a science-fiction movie in the making, you’re not alone. Sadly, it’s our reality.

“Fukushima’s still radiating, self-perpetuating, immeasurable, and limitless.”

We began seeing the detrimental effects in the clinic as early as 2012. We’ve had multiple patients fly in from California with unidentified rashes, white coatings on their tongues and abrupt onset disease states – all tied to toxicity from food, water or air. Unfortunately, over the years, the increase in such unexplained symptoms has not decreased. This toxicity is so widespread thanks to ocean & wind currents as well as the modern industrialization of food that we come across this at the clinic on a weekly basis. Our clientele no longer has to travel to the west coast to be bombarded with radiation. If the restaurant they ate at imported food from west of the Mississippi, chances are they ingested some contamination.

In truth, toxicity is all around us in varying degrees. Our bodies become overburdened for a multitude of reasons. The toxicities will not magically disappear, even if they’re dispersed in an ocean nearly 64 million square miles. It’s our job to find a way to live in such an environment – to detox what’s not needed, to repair what’s breaking down and to experience the optimum function at the highest level. Dr. Teff has always stated, “The answer is out there, we just have to ask the right questions.” We live by this motto at our clinic. We don’t know it all and we never will. Modern science understanding the complexity of the human body is a start. However, we strive to ask, and research and ask and research until we find an answer. Because, the answers ARE out there: One of which is the Food Harmonizing Card by Nature’s Frequencies. Dr. Teff teamed up with the creators, innovators and researchers at Nature’s Frequencies to create a card, imprinted with frequencies to harmonize the detrimental effects of food toxicities, including radiation.