Injury Recall

Injury Recall in Middleton WI

Humans were meant to learn from fear and danger.  “Don’t touch the hot stove, you will get burnt!” “Don’t cross your eyes too long, they will get stuck like that!” This memory, which eventually turns into a learned behavior is what allows us to adapt.  This adaptation brings on patterns or “cellular memory” as we are hard-wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

Just as the body recalls a memory, it can also recall a trauma. These traumas, physical and/or emotional, store within the cell. Many times, as the body heals, the trauma energy will be released. Yet, just as often, that energy is stored, creating inflammatory markers and cellular distress signals as if it just happened. Within the meridian, there is no time, only space. Your brain does not know if the trauma occurred several years ago or just happened yesterday. If the energy is still stored within, the body will recall the same pattern each and every day. Some people notice this physically, as they feel as if they cannot heal after a traumatic event. Others get to a particular place within their healing and then plateau.