Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)


Put simply, the Electromagnetic Field is a force field that consists of electric and magnetic components. Electromagnetic Fields are present everywhere in our environment but invisible to the human eye. The Earth’s magnetic field is an example of a natural electromagnetic field, allowing a compass needle to orient in the North-South direction. X-Rays, electricity and radio waves are examples of human-made sources of electromagnetic fields. Humans have been exposed to natural electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from the beginning. However, never before have we been bombarded with so many EMFs so consistently. We are electrical beings: Cellular & nervous system communication of electrical impulses throughout the body. The constant insult of EMFs on our body is becoming detrimental, creating nervous system interference.

Any electrical or battery powered device emits EMFs: Radios, blenders, blow-dryers, cell phones, computers, WIFI routers, to name a few. It is the detrimental frequencies that are affecting our health in a negative manner. Let’s take a look at cell phones: Cell phones were never created to be held directly up against one’s head. The instruction manuals suggest keeping the phone 1-2 inches away from your head. Approximately, twenty to eighty percent (20-80%) of the cell phone radiation from your mobile’s antennae penetrates up to two inches into the adult brain. Studies have show that if the cellphone signal is held next to the brain, there are changes in the brainwaves in 70% of people. Studies have also shown exposure to cell phone radiation is associated with headaches, memory loss, brain tumors, DNA damage and alteration, eye problems including melanoma, fatigue, reduced melatonin, just to name a few.

Exposure to this dirty electricity is greatly affecting our health. At Optimum Vitality, we’ve found ways to counteract this negative stressor in order to protect your and your family’s health.