"I love coming to you. You always put a smile in my heart. Thank you for all the help."

- K.B.

"Optimum Vitality has improved the physical, mental and emotional health of my family. My son is an elite student/athlete who has multiple workouts each day, as well as a heavy academic workload. Vanessa's program has helped him make significant gains in his strength/overall athleticism; maintain an A average, and handle the stress in his life."

- C.C.

"Vanessa has helped my husband and me with chronic sinus infections, high blood pressure, anxiety, physical pain, stress, hormonal changes, and depression. There are so many instances when western medicine has let us down, but Vanessa has solved our problems."

- J.C.

"My family has not been sick since we started working with Vanessa 3 years ago. I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful care we receive at Optimum Vitality!"

- J.H.

"I have been with the clinic long before it became Optimum Vitality. I'm so grateful to have been referred - first for chiropractic and then for nutrition. The nutrition testing is remarkable as it pinpoints the problem and the specific remedies encourage deep healing. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful and I have such faith in the work Vanessa does. She is also a wonderful yoga teacher - as she respects the needs of each individual and is so supportive."

- R.R.

“Bless you for your generous goodness to me. I consider my discovery of you, and your masterful skill in nutrition testing a miraculous gift, and I am sincerely grateful!”

- K. M.

“My youngest daughter had ear infections immediately at birth. I had learned about Dr. Joe Teff treating infants at that time. When she got an infection I would not take the prescription and I would go see Dr. Teff. Two days later I would take her for a recheck and her ears would be clear. She never needed tubes and within a year, she never had an ear infection again”

- Anonymous

“I am writing to thank you… Thank you for helping me to get my life back. When I came to you in June of 2013, I had an entire box of medications I was on. Now, I am down to three, and working on reducing those. I was diagnosed in 2006 with a rare autoimmune disorder that required steroids often. I have been steroid-free seven months now. I feel the best I have thanks to you finding the source of the issues, and knowing which supplements to use. I can not thank you enough in this lifetime for your help and healing. The knowledge you have and the ability to pinpoint what is wrong is something I have never witnessed before. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m able to exercise again and live a normal life.”

- T.S.

“I also meant to thank you for the adjustment and for the nutritional evaluation. The gravity of the results of my nutritional evaluation did not hit me until I got home. In addition to everything else you taught me, you may also have saved my life! How do you thank a person for that? Thank you!! (My future grandchildren thank you!)

- S.H.

“I went through the purification back in June and I’m super glad I did it! I struggle with migraine headaches quite often, and I have to tell you, I didn’t have one headache during the entire time I was going through the program. In fact, I felt better than I have in the last 20 years during the purification (that is, after about Day 4). As I started re-introducing foods, it was very helpful for me to pinpoint what has been triggering my headaches. I’m also now aware the foods that cause other symptoms within my body. So thank you! I was a bit hesitant to begin the process of purification, but once I started, it really became a natural way of eating/living.

- J.H.

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