Generational Patterning

Generational Patterning in Middleton WI

What if I told you that your physical symptoms were not caused by your genetic make-up but rather the expression of the genes themselves?  What if how you felt was due to something passed down through family generations at the gene level?  I’m talking about Epigenetics - the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.  We cannot change our genes; however, we can change how they are expressed.

There is now evidence for epigenetic inheritance of acquired characteristic. Acquired characteristics, known as traits, are features that are developed through interactions with our environment. These aren’t genetic traits because such traits cannot be changed. These changes to the body are changes with how the body expresses specific characteristics or reacts to different environmental factors. These patterns, helpful or unhelpful, are being passed down. We cannot fully heal without first removing the patterning holding us in place. What if the pattern is the ultimate creator of symptoms, to begin with?  This changes the whole picture of healing and thus, the reason why it brings much excitement to the nutrition and healthcare industry.