Every challenging case leads us to learn more about health, healing and the subtle functions of the body. Often times what is left out of complete health and vitality is the mental, emotional and energetic side of healing. Western medicine doesn’t treat anything it can’t measure and many alternative/holistic practitioners do not know what to do for the emotional and energetic side of healing, Just like the rest of the stressors, trapped energy can impair healing – physiologically, emotionally and mentally. At the smallest, measurable level, everything functions as an energy or wavelength. Within the visible light spectrum, the colors we see are based upon specific wavelengths. Cold Laser/Light Therapy uses this principle in order to heal tissue. If you’re musically talented, think of a string instrument: Each string is a note and each string vibrates at a certain frequency. When a finger is placed on the string, this changes the frequency of the vibration but what we hear is a change in tone. Frequencies constantly surround us in our daily lives.

Just as light & sound resonate at specific frequencies, so do words, thoughts & emotions. Have you ever met someone for the first time and sensed a “bad or weird vibe” from them? Or know of a person that when in your presence, sucks the energy and life out of you? Not only can external energies have a direct impact on us, they can become stuck within us, further limiting our overall health and rate of healing. Their frequencies can change our personal cellular frequency. Whether the energy is tied into a specific symptom you’re experience, overall health or merely creating a barrier in which you’re unable to overcome, we will identify the energy and release it from your body. Once it’s release, it will never return and affect you in the same manner.