Heavy Metals

heavy metals

Heavy metals are essential elements in our environment. They are found in differing quantities in our soil. Some heavy metals are essential in trace amounts to our health such as zinc, copper, and selenium. In excess, heavy metals can cause a variety of symptoms eventually leading to measurable disease. We can accumulate heavy metals in excess but the main threats to human health are from lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. These metals specifically have been extensively studied and their ill effects have been documented by a multitude of research, studies and international bodies. Yet, it’s important to note that one can be affected by any heavy metal in excess.

Heavy metal exposure is a constant in our lives. Mercury, lead & arsenic are most often mentioned as causing detrimental effects. However, many don’t realize how easy it is to be exposed to cadmium as it’s found in good concentration in cigarettes. As long as you or a loved one smokes, you will need to be supporting the purification pathways in your body. Our main mercury exposures results from food, amalgam fillings and vaccinations. Lead exposure can result from paint - now banned - old food containers, petrol emissions and even lead pencils. Recently, we had an adolescent kid in the office who began drawing and he started licking the end of his pencil to create different shadows and effects. He soon became sensitive to the very thing he was putting in his mouth.

The World Health Organization as well as governmental institutions such as the Environmental Protection Agency have suggested toxicity levels for specific heavy metals. Yet, it’s interesting to note that recent data indicates adverse health effects may occur at lower exposure levels than previously anticipated. Therefore, we cannot rely on “safe” levels anymore and instead need to protect our bodies every opportunity we get.

If our detox organs are working properly (liver, kidneys, lungs, skin & lymphatics), we can excrete much of the exposure we encounter. However, it’s when we’re constantly exposed that becomes an issue. Our bodies become overridden and the excess accumulates in tissue, creating dysfunction throughout.

It’s possible that you were exposed to a great deal of toxicity early in life yet you are now just beginning to feel the effects. The body can put up with a lot – this is the beauty & essence of the human body. Each and every second it’s trying to harmonize, to be in balance, create homeostasis. If not given what it needs, little by little, it will begin to breakdown. The body can tolerate quite a lot but only for a certain period of time. At Optimum Vitality, we help to figure out if an overload of heavy metals is creating some of your symptoms and discomfort. If so, your detailed program will be comprised of safely detoxing this exposure from your body.

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