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For over 33 years Teff Chiropractic has been involved in improving functional health through chiropractic care, and designed clinical nutrition.

We don't follow trends in natural health care...

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Dr. Teff's achievements and innovations include:

  • Having helped over 15,000 people
  • Developed innovations on Chiropractic tables that used throughout the world
  • Created software to allow the transfer of x-rays to paper
  • Patented exercise equipment used to reduce spinal compression and improve athletic performance
  • Innovated x-ray positioning and adjusting procedures
  • Consulted for national and international athletes and teams
  • Nationally recognized lecturer on nutrition and health 

OUR MISSION is to help you regain, maintain your health, and educate you, not only for the present but also for the future. To do so in the most cost effective manner and to strive to make your future years better than your past.

IF YOU'RE COMMITTED TO BETTER HEALTH... WE'RE COMMITTED TO YOU!   Teff Chiropractic is conveniently located in Middleton, Wisconsin. 

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