Why Shape Reclaimed?

Why Shape Reclaimed?

Shape ReClaimed

Since nutrition was added to the clinic 27 years ago, many have approached us with a request for a weight management program.  We don’t believe in a “one program fits all” or “one product fits all” and that’s why we test everything we use here. We need to experience such product or system clinically and most importantly get your feedback. It has taken 27 years, but the wait is over. We have a program that we’re very excited about, and we think you will be too!

Health success in today’s world is based upon genetics, environmental factors, generational patterning and the ability to change at the cellular level. This is why one diet, system or product cannot possibly work for everyone. The old adage, “calories in vs. calories out” only applies if everything is working efficiently from your brain down to your toes. Many of you have seen this disconnect when doing the standing functional neurology tests! It’s not about what’s actually happening but what our body perceives to be happening. If the brain (specifically the hypothalamus gland) perceives you’re starving, it will not let go, even if you do everything right.

In 2017 Vanessa was introduced to the founder of SHAPE ReClaimed and has been researching the system and testing the product ever since. In essence, SHAPE ReClaimed is a practitioner-guided health transformation program. It combines whole food nutrition with a nanomolecular dietary supplement to decrease inflammation, enhance immune function, detox and cleanse. It does this all while reducing excess toxic weight for a re-energized and revitalized YOU!

The principle of this program is to help support and reset the signaling to the hypothalamus gland (THE master gland). It will allow the hypothalamus to reestablish a new metabolic set point. This will then help reset both the endocrine and nervous systems.  This is the point in which most programs ultimately fail. If there is no reset, the brain will perceive the body to be starving.

Here’s the difference with Shape Reclaimed: There is a weekly urine analysis which will tell us if you’re holding onto water or dehydrated at the cellular level.  We will know if the body has plateaued and “thinks” it’s starving or if you’re truly burning fat as fuel. Based on weekly tests, we change food and nutritional recommendations to support your success and keep you balanced. We’ve recorded some great results such as blood sugar numbers normalize, joint stiffness decreases, female hormonal issues disappear, athletes trim up and improve performance, supplemental nutritional programs reduced and yes, lots of toxic weight shed!

For those of you already working with us, this is something you can do in conjunction with your current program. If you’re in need of reducing inflammation and/or weight quickly, we can switch gears and work with the homeopathic and specific diet guidelines until you’ve reached your goals. For those that are not currently nutritional clients, this program is offered separately at the clinic. We also have several people using this program who live outside of the state. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to reduce inflammation and then re-evaluate. After all, chronic inflammation is the underlying issue of nearly all degenerative diseases.

On May 1st, we’re officially launching this whole program to you, your loved ones and the rest of the community. We’re so excited!! We learn new ways to test, study facial, tongue and nail diagnosing to help us better understand patterns and are educated on different herbs to elicit rapid cellular change. However, we’ve never been more excited about an addition to the clinic than this program. It has already changed lives and has become a tremendous complimentary tool.

It has been a long time in the making, and we’re fully ready to offer it to you. We need to emphasize that this program will require a total commitment to your health and well-being to ensure long-term success. We strongly recommend you bring along a friend who will participate in this program with you. This has by far led to the most impactful change. Emotional support from someone on the same path is crucial to your success.

We look forward to working with you on a deeper level to reclaim your health!

Feel free to visit www.SHAPEReClaimed.com for more information.