Are We Too Toxic To Detox?

Are We Too Toxic To Detox?

Happy Elderly Couple

When is carrying excess weight helpful? In short, only when the body cannot safely detox.

Have you ever started a detox program and gotten sick? Not the typical detox reaction but really sick? If so, the detox more than likely only enhanced the first part of detoxification. When our bodies cannot get rid of toxins, pathogens, or hormones safely, we start to use fat cells as deposits and/or hide substances in the joints. Stiffness in the joints, arthritis or swelling after sitting for any length of time is a sign the body is acidic. Detoxification, then, is a must but proper detoxification is critical. If unpleasant symptoms occur for too long, the body is signaling that the liver, kidneys, and intestines cannot handle more "gunk." If this is the case, nourishing the liver and kidneys while opening up the channels is step number one. Then, the fat cells can release what's stored within.

There are two main phases of detoxification.  Phase 1 makes the metabolite (toxin) more toxic while phase 2 excretes the toxin through either the bowel or kidneys. First, the body has to figure out if it’s a fat-soluble metabolite (meaning it will be detoxed through the intestines) or water-soluble metabolite (meaning it will be detoxed through the kidneys). As soon as this is determined, the liver converts the metabolite, and full detoxification begins.  But what if the liver cannot handle the conversion of the toxin? What if the intestines are clogged or the pH of the body is too acidic? Our bodies will not detox the toxin out of the body. We'll release it from the fat cell or joints only to redeposit it.

Detox programs tend to promote a catch-all solution to many ailments. If you have a history of blood sugar imbalance, food sensitivities, arthritis or hormonal issues, then regular detoxification could be helpful. However, not all detox programs are created equal and most likely don’t “contain everything needed for detoxification.” Work with someone who understands the process and can help you navigate the waters. You’ll have greater success and will most certainly feel more refreshed.