"Shape ReClaimed was easy to follow with the patient guidebook. Restoring my health was actually fascinating when I discovered that night-shade vegetables aggravated my arthritis. None of the weight loss programs I did in my life ever focused on health restoration."

- Ardis

"The Shape ReClaimed program is a miracle!  My joint pain completely disappeared, and I dropped 3 sizes! As a 59-year-old woman, I never thought I would see these results.  My diet was always healthy, but I learned how to make better choices to stay pain-free.  And, Vanessa is the best life coach!"

- Carol C.

"I was drawn to the Shape ReClaim program, not only because it was introduced to me by Vanessa, who I’ve trusted with my health for some time, but because of its scientific backing, support materials and it being tailored to the individual’s health needs. I experienced quick results. My body changed outwardly as I lost weight, but I knew it was improving internally as inflammation decreased, which was the most important part of it for me. The regular urinalysis testing helped keep me motivated and on track, as did the encouragement and support Vanessa gave me along the way. The program guide, the website, and the tasty recipes were also key to my success with the program. I would recommend it as a life-enhancing tool  to anyone striving for their healthiest self."

- Susan L.

"I have been a client for only a month or so. I am on the fast trac cleanse. Vanessa has been wonderful with nutrition testing and information. She is also very supportive in this journey. In just a few weeks, I’ve lost a pants size and my skin is clearing up! Highly recommend!"

- Deb B.

"Thanks to Vanessa’s guidance and the Shape Reclaimed Program, I have a new lease on life at the age of 73. I have lost 64 pounds over the past six months and never gained once and I feel great!  After a lifetime of failed attempts at losing weight, the Shape Program has given me exactly what I needed to be successful. It immediately reduced my cravings, increased my taste for foods never thought I would eat, increased my energy level, and taught me how to eat healthy. I am now doing things I never would have thought were possible and enjoying life in a whole new way. IT brought my triglycerides down from 157 to 95. I  am so grateful for this program! This not a diet  but a way to change you life and Shape ReClaimed did it for me."

- Carol D.

“Prior to the holidays I started in on the Shape Reclaimed program. As I’ve gotten older (in my 50’s), my metabolism has changed and I’ve found it harder and harder to lose weight and feel fit. This program has helped me to reset my thoughts on meals and snacking, and to pay attention to the signals my body gives me. The weight and inches are coming off (even with holiday meals and baking!), and I look forward to reaching my goal weight and maintaining it.”

- Trish H.

“SHAPE helped me reset and regain control of my weight and health after years of struggling. The weekly appointments with Vanessa provided excellent support and guidance. I found that to be the most unique and helpful part of this program.”

- Liz H.

“I started my Shape journey with Vanessa March 2020 amid a pandemic. I am a woman that is postmenopausal. I struggled with many things regular doctors could not understand. These items include rapid weight gain, inflammation, painful points all around my body, inability to shut down and sleep, bowel movement problems, lack of motivation, stress, and so on. I was literally a Hot mess!

As soon as I started eating the Shape foods to fight inflammation I noticed significant changes. My aches and pains went away. I started sleeping. It had been so many years since I could sleep I was overjoyed that when my eyes opened in the morning, I was rested and ready to get up. No more groggy morning starts! I had energy again! My digestive system is healthy . I feel like a new person.

Shape is a wonderful program. Vanessa makes the program better. Vanessa’s skills in identifying road blocks that are unique to each of us and then supporting these issues with solutions is beyond compare. I cannot give enough accolades to Vanessa’s skillset in restoring health. I feel alive today because of my journey with Vanessa Teff. I am blessed to have crossed paths with Vanessa at Optimum Vitality.”

- Tammie K.

“Shape ReClaimed is a great program.  When I first started it was all about weight loss for me. But then I began to see and feel other benefits, such as increased energy, better sleep, and just feeling more healthy.  The program was easy to follow and the food choices were plenty to keep me feeling satisfied.  Along with the food plan, there are checks on pH levels, hydration, and ketones to be sure you are getting the right nutrition to improve your health.  Working with Vanessa was such a plus as she gave me the support and confidence I needed to stay on track and made me feel excited to work to meet my goals.  I would recommend this program over all the others I have tried in the past – because it actually works!"

- Lois K.

“I would be happy to give a testimonial regarding my shape experience!

I began my Shape ReClaimed journey in January of 2020 with a hefty goal to lose at least 125 pounds and to have a healthier lifestyle.  It has been one year and I can say that I have met my goals for weight and health!!  I have lost 127 pounds, my body no longer aches, I have not had to take heartburn meds for a year (this was something I did daily before Shape), I sleep better, my mind is clear and sharp and I have energy that I haven’t had in years.  I am 53 years old and haven’t felt this good or had this much energy in at least 20 years!

I no longer avoid things that make me move or be on my feet – having all that excess weight made me avoid so many of the things in life that I love to do (gardening, yard work, fishing, being out in nature, playing with my grandchildren) and many things were just plain difficult or impossible to do.  I was extremely self-conscious and wanted to avoid crowds, etc…  I truly cannot say enough positive things about this program – if you follow it and stick with it IT WORKS and the benefits are amazing!!  I had tried numerous weight loss programs over the years and none of them worked for very long – I would take off 25 – 30 pounds and that is where the loss stopped.  One of my fears when I started the program was that I would hit that 25 – 30 pound mark and it would stop.  Vanessa assured me that would not happen and boy was she right.  I will also say that having a practitioner as wonderful and knowledgeable as Vanessa is a true blessing – she is amazing and so encouraging and right there with you to help you succeed with your goals!

I could go on and on about the benefits of this program – it is truly life changing and with a practitioner as wonderful as Vanessa you just cannot go wrong!!"

- Teresa R.

"This is a nutritional lifestyle program of clean eating , no processed food and low carbs. It helps support immune functions, balances blood sugar, and provides you with good energy. No more tired feeling. I have been on the program now for several years. I cannot think of the last time I was sick. I feel great!"

- Linda S.

"I’ve been thrilled with the health improvements such as reduced blood glucose numbers, lower A1c, and being taken off Metformin that I’ve experienced since starting the Shape ReClaimed program. I’ve experienced reduction in aches and pains which has allowed me to return to movement that had been difficult for many years. Finally, I’ve experienced  reduction in inches, weight, and clothes sizes. I highly recommend the Shape ReClaimed program"

- Lori B.

"Participating in the Shape ReClaimed program provided a wealth of knowledge physically and mentally. Discovering how much and what types of food my body truly required led to healthier ways of eating. I lost weight, have clearer skin, and gained energy. I would highly recommend working with Vaneesa and this individualized transformative health approach!"

- Peggy P.

"I started Shape ReClaimed mostly to reduce inflammation and shed some weight. My results were amazing and exceeded my expectations, and I was even able to eliminate pain in my joints! I also learned so much about my body, my relationship with food, and how my body's reacts to different foods. I think the best part of the program, unlike other programs out there, is that you are working with a practitioner that customizes it to your individual needs, and Vanessa at Optimum Vitality is amazing, she knew exactly what I needed and was with me every step of the way! I am so grateful!"

- Amanda

"It was such a pleasure to work with Vanessa on my Shape ReClaimed Program. We discussed my goals with the program , she  listened and guided me through the process. I am so happy with my results and couldn’t find a better coach to help me through it."

- Julie D.

"The Shape Reclaimed program Vanessa Teff offers at her clinic has been a wonderful experience for me!

My favorite part of this program is how fast the weight came off. I also love Vanessa’s approach she combines inspiration and accountability along with the science to back it. I would recommend anyone who is looking to lose weight to try. You will not be disappointed!!"

- Kerri K.

"I started taking Shape after a co-worker was on it and telling me about how much better she was feeling.  She thought it would be good for my migraines.  I thought I would give it try.  I started Shape at the end of September 2020.  Let me tell you, it is worth it.  Will be hard?  Yes, at first it will be.

Before Shape, I would get migraines at least once a month, feel tired all the time with no energy to do anything.  I wasn’t really watching what I was eating.

Now, 4 months later, I can’t imagine putting that same stuff in my body!  I feel so much better.  My migraines are almost nonexistent.  I am starting to get the energy I used to only dream about!  I am learning so much about my body and what foods help me excel and which foods to avoid.

My words of advice:  Join the Facebook group, do a weekly menu and take it one day at a time.  It will become second nature before you know it."

- Carla P.