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Alternative and Holistic Practitioner Middleton WI Moonflower Alignment


Because, truly, it’s not just in your head! What you feel is because it affects your head. The gut-brain axis is a vital communication pathway for all things neurological and hormonal. When this pathway doesn’t signal optimally, we will feel off.

Alignment | $85

**Disclaimer: Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.

Alignment is a unique combination of full-spectrum hemp oil and herbs that support gut-brain axis communication for enhanced GI health as well as mental health. Expect the product to help stabilize mood, improve emotional well-being and reduce inflammation.

This formula is liposomal...
Here’s what that means and why it matters

In essence, liposomal is a delivery system. A liposome is a spherical vessel containing at least one lipid bilayer. Imagine a tiny fat particle with the nutrient inside. Liposomal delivery systems bypass the first pass of the liver, making the nutrient more absorbable. This matters in a formula containing phytocannabinoids made to assist brain function. With such a formula, we want the phytocannabinoids to reach the receptors in the brain in order to have a more drastic impact on mood, mental health, happiness, and overall mental outlook. If we didn’t make this liposomal, the phytocannabinoids would be used throughout the entire body (remember, there are ECS receptors on nearly every organ, gland, tissue, and immune cell)

Remember, Alignment doesn’t change your hormones. It simply supports how your body communicates. Better communication will ultimately bring the body back into balance.

Alternative and Holistic Practitioner Middleton WI Moonflower Restoration


Created for the sleep challenged. Because truly, your brain needs sleep too!

Restoration | $85

**Disclaimer: Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.

So often, we go to sleep but do not get sleep. Quality sleep encompasses specific sleep stages and a continuous pattern that allows the body to effectively recharge. Restoration is a unique combination of full spectrum hemp oil and herbs that promote restful sleep. Expect improvement in your sleep patterns which will lead you to wake feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Restoration is a blend of four herbs and full-spectrum hemp oil. The herbs are unique to improving sleep quality. Ashwagandha improves sleep latency and sleep quality. Kava promotes a state of relaxation and protects neurons from damage. It also promotes deep sleep and delta brain waves. Skullcap and Magnolia improve sleep patterns, help calm the nerves and restore energy to the brain.


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Suppositories are not for the old and constipated. Isn’t that what you think of when you think of suppositories? “I’d never do that! That’s for my grandma!” Suppositories are sometimes the fastest way to get what you need where you need it. Those of you who have experienced horrific cramps or pain during your cycle will agree that in times of need, the best solution is pain relief at the source. But, what does that look like? Comfort is what that looks like.

Comfort is what started this whole company! A high-dose CBD vaginal suppository that contains nourishing elements to soothe the tissue and muscle. Pound for pound, the uterus is the strongest muscle in the body. No wonder it hurts so much!

Comfort is the only vaginal pH-friendly suppository on the market. A blend of shea butter, magnesium, crampbark, and CBD, this suppository supports the relaxation of the muscle and reduction of pain without creating any vaginal dysbiosis.