Monday Motivation in Middleton
"Shape Works, When Nothing Else Has"

woman in yoga pose

Most of us have stories. We've been through, well, a lot. If I challenged you to name one person you know that hasn't struggled, sacrificed, or endured a hardship, could you? I can't. In each of us, there's a fire that keeps burning. There's a desire that pushes us to do what we do and be who we are. I show up every day positive, smiling, upbeat, and ready to help. I don't do it because I have to. I feel it.

However, when I think I know what fuels me, I leave the Middleton WI clinic more inspired than when I arrived. It's your journey and your successes that inspire me to do, learn and know more. Your story, your health, and your triumphs empower me, and yet together; we see that it's not bliss at every turn.

Maybe these Middleton WI stories will empower you as well.

A good friend of mine recently asked or my help. We're 10+ years apart, yet we rely on each other for advice. He's the type of person that has experienced a full and colorful life. Because of such, he’ll always give you honest advice, even when it's tough to hear. Because of his line of work, he's a role model to hundreds of adults and children. People rely on him, yet his biggest frustration is that he can no longer rely on his body.

His body continues to show signs of stress, and now, he's overweight and cannot lose weight, has high cholesterol (on meds), experiencing low thyroid (on meds), and has low testosterone (on meds). We've worked together over the years doing cleanses from time to time, but nothing has "stuck." He'll release but eventually, go right back to his old habits. Now, nothing is working; even exercise makes him gain weight. Whaaaaat?!?! Side Note: When this happens, it tells you the brain is not allowing your body to release. Everything is being perceived as stress and therefore the body is told to hold. Don’t keep pushing. Rather, begin working with the brain-body connection, something Shape Reclaimed it set up to do.

For two months now, he's actively taken part in his health. He's cleaned up his diet and is incorporating intermittent fasting. He's ready, and he's fully committed. He hasn't seen results in 2 months, yet he continues following his plan. Wow!

We put him on Shape – specific foods combined with the integration of a homeopathic. He complained about the amount of food. He complained about the type of food (he doesn't like vegetables). He complained about it not working (before we even started!). He lost 15lbs in his first week. Incredible how much water we hold on to, isn’t it? To say he's excited is an understatement. He believes he can now actually get to a healthier body mass and stay there long-term.

However, like everyone else, his story isn't about the weight. He doesn't want to go back to the way he was. He doesn't want to feel sluggish and heavy. He wants to enjoy food but not to the point of making him sick. He is finding the balance between where he was and where he needs to be. This is the essence of life. Keep it up, C!