Cold Laser

coldlaserTherapeutic laser has been used as a healing technology since the mid 1960’s’. Cold laser, also referred to as Low-Level Laser Therapy, is a fast, effective, and low cost treatment used for a number of soft-tissue injuries, pain and inflammatory conditions. Recently, this therapeutic technology was cleared by the FDA for the treatment of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Cold lasers work by transferring photons of light into your cells. The body transforms this light energy into chemical energy and the mitochondria then utilize this energy to increase the speed of healing.

Cold laser complements and can enhance the healing effects of chiropractic, soft tissue manipulation, massage, acupuncture & detoxification. It is used in cases of nerve conduction, wounds/external injuries, pain and inflammation. At Optimum Vitality we have two types of cold lasers to meet all our needs. We utilized both the Dynatron Solaris and Multi-Radiance MR4. We’re one of the only wellness clinics in the area utilizing the Multi-Radiance Super Pulsed Laser technology. Super pulsed lasers are beneficial as they can drive the photons deep into the target tissue. A review of the current literature suggests that super pulsed laser is superior to continuous wavelength laser therapy in all conditions but especially with wound healing and post-stroke management.

Cold Laser in Middleton, WI now takes place at Eternal Hope Chiropractic by Dr. Kayla Franzluebbers

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