Love Your Asana Off: Yoga for Weight Loss

Do you feel like you need to lose weight but are struggling to reach your
goals? Maybe you’ve heard yoga is good for weight loss – creating a
stronger, more fluid body. It certainly can do that! But, if we’re really
honest with ourselves, it’s usually not about the weight. The weight is
just what we see and notice first.

The hardest part is letting go. Are you ready to release a part of yourself
that doesn’t serve you? Are you prepared to let go of the NEED to lose
weight and turn your attention to WHY you want to lose it? That’s when the
magic happens! How many people have you heard say they’re happier and more confident with the weight they’re at, rather than stressing about getting
to or staying at an unreasonable weight? What it comes down to is love &
confidence in oneself. This happens when we forget about weight.

WHEN: Month of April – Wednesday & Fridays

WHERE: We hold classes at Martingilio Martial Arts

TIME: 6:00am - 7:00am

The Love Your Asana Off series is not about the weight. It’s about
allowing you to bring your attention to what it is you’re genuinely looking
for – self-love – and using that to achieve your weight goals.

This series is more than yoga. Why? Because you are much more than your
weight. I’ll be giving specific nutrient recommendations to integrate to
enhance detoxification and weight loss. I’ll be giving each person a
blended essential oil to use to improve digestion and purification. Lastly,
we’ll end class with ozonated water and take-home teas for detoxification
and metabolism boosting.