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Dr. & Mrs. Teff have offered in-office lectures on various health topics since they opened their doors in 1980. Of course at that time it wasn't "cool" or "hip" to lecture about healthy eating and living. Nonetheless, they continued to educate their patients and the community. Passing along their knowledge and research in order to help others was the very essence of their purpose.

Community education continues to be a cornerstone of the clinic. We can't change the healthcare of our country without first having a positive impact on our community. Here is a list of previous in-office lectures the team at Optimum Vitality have held:

Spring In-Office Lecture Series

Purification & The Myths of Weight Loss: Why Diets Don’t Work

Was your email inbox overloaded by diet programs, cleanses and exercise routines following the New Year? Mine was! These nutritional companies, wellness bloggers and trainers promote diets and cleanses after the New Year in hopes you’ll buy in after having recently stated your new resolutions. Yet, winter in the northern climate is the absolute worst time to detox. Our body cycles with the seasons which means environmental cue’s initiation cleansing on our end. Most diets promoted these days don’t work. Hence why the nutrition field keeps creating new plans to follow.

One thing has been proven, short term purification is greatly beneficial to the body. It promotes cellular healing, increases our body’s ability to adapt to stress and yes, can initiate weight loss. We’re rolling out our easy, 14-day purification program and explicating why the best time to purify is the transition into Spring.

Learn why diets just don’t work for the majority of people. What’s the difference between Paleo, Gluten-Free and FODMAP anyways!? We’ll walk you through diet modifications helpful to your ailments and geared toward your constitution as well as a 3-Day, 5-Day and 14-Day purification programs.

Wednesday, March 21st 6:30-7:30pm

Given by Vanessa Teff

Body Electric: Healing with Frequencies

with special guests Dr. Joe Teff & Dr. Jan Harkins

Nutrition is just one aspect of healing. Therapeutic nutritional remedies create a foundation, which allows us to achieve a higher level of function, but nutrition is not the complete picture. The body is electric. Our heart beats because of an electrical impulse. The neurons in the brain communicate via electrical events. Wouldn’t it then make sense that specific frequencies would have a beneficial impact on the body? They certainly do and we’re here to talk about them! Emotions, vibrations, sound & light all resonate at specific frequencies. Some are more beneficial and harmonizing to the body while others are detrimental. We’ll cover energy release work, the history & healing power of Solfeggio sound frequencies, localized light therapy (cold laser) and the work of Nature’s Frequencies programmed “chips” in activating cellular communication.

Wednesday, April 11th & Wednesday, April 25th 6:30-7:30pm

Given by Dr. Teff & Dr. Jan Harkins

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Healing Brain Based Disorders

Brain Connections™ therapy is a non-invasive technique created by Linda Cherf to support children and adults with brain based conditions such as  ADD, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, brain injury, concussion, autism, anxiety, and depression. Brain Connections™ is rooted in acupuncture theory and uses a combination of acupressure and CranioSacral Therapy using hand holds on specific acupuncture points to make connections in the brain that occur with normal brain function. Linda has found that the disconnection of the creative and analytical sides of the brain often causes challenging behaviors.  This disconnection hinders thoughts and actions from being processed on both sides of the brain like they need to be.  One side of the brain is going to function stronger and the other side weaker or, both sides of the brain are weak. Behaviors that are associated with ADD, ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s, or Dyslexia often result.

Through the practice of Brain Connections™, Linda reestablishes the pathways between the creative and the analytical sides of the brain. Once the pathways have been reestablished the destructive behaviors, such as meltdowns, are reduced or even eliminated. The child’s self esteem is elevated, they become more able to complete tasks, and grades and social skills improve. The stress level in the whole family decreases. This is done without the use of medications. Once these connections are made they should stay unless there is an injury such as a concussion or a traumatic emotional event.

Monday, October 3rd: 6:30 – 7:30pm
Given by Linda Cherf, MSOM, CA

Inflammation: Friend or Foe?

More a buzz word these days than anything else. Or is it? Inflammation is at the root of nearly all disease but what is it? We often refer to inflammation with a negative connotation but it is certainly not all bad. Actually, inflammation is vital to our survival. Without such, our cells would not have time to recover. It’s the constant state of inflammation that threatens health. You’ll leave this lecture understanding just what inflammation is, how we can use it to repair our bodies, which foods effectively decrease inflammation and how we can de-flame (rather than inflame) our bodies.

Wednesday, October 26th: 6:30 – 7:30pm
Given by Vanessa

Silent Killers: Electromagnetic Radiation & Food Toxicities

Back by popular demand! The slogan “you are what you eat” could never be more correct. With the continuous dilapidation and contamination of the environment with poisons from nuclear accidents, agricultural chemicals (and their toxic by-products being dumped into the water ways) and electromagnetic frequencies continuously emitted from our everyday use of devices and gadgets such as cellphones, computers, Wi-Fi etc., the question, can we still live robust lives as our grandparents did without external interventions such as nutritional therapy, cleansing programs and EMF protection? The answer is NO.

Just 30 minutes a day on a phone increases your chance of getting brain cancer by 40%! Our genes have not changed. Rather, our environment has.

Dr. Teff has devoted the last several years to researching EMFs. He will explain how they detrimentally affect us, share ways in which to protect and harmonize yourself, and demonstrate why organic food is not always the answer. If you’ve been to this lecture before – enjoy updated research and findings!

Monday, November 7 th: 6:30 – 7:30pm
Given by Dr. Teff

Integrative Acupuncture: Body & Facial Cupping

We’d like to welcome Linda Cherf, MSOM, CA to the clinic with an introduction to her expertise: Body Cupping. As an integrative acupuncturist, Linda combines traditional acupuncture with craniosacral therapy and body cupping, when needed. Body cupping has been around almost as long as acupuncture. Cupping was originally used as an auxiliary method in traditional Chinese surgery. Later, it was found to be useful in treating other diseases and developed into a special therapeutic method. Much more than a fad during the Olympics, cupping has specific therapeutic effects. It affects the flow of Qi and blood, increasing lymphatic drainage & decreasing lactic acid. Body cupping can be used on joints to improve the symptoms of arthritis. Unlike traditional cupping treatments, facial cupping will not leave discoloration or marks on the skin.  It feels like a gentle facial massage. It calms the skin, creates a lifting effect, stimulates collagen production, enhances endorphins and relaxes the adrenal glands (therefore decreasing stress and anxiety). It can be used to promote healing of frontal headaches, allergies, sinus congestion or TMJ issues.

Wednesday, November 16th: 6:30 – 7:30pm
Given by Linda Cherf, MSOM, CA

All lectures are held at Optimum Vitality
6654 University Ave, Middleton

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